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7 versatile vegan perfumes for any occasion

by Peacock Bazaar Team 15 May 2024
7 versatile vegan perfumes for any occasion

Choosing the ideal fragrance is not just about perfume; it's about a choice that reflects your values and lifestyle. For those committed to veganism and ethical consumer choices, there's a wide range of cruelty-free options available. Whether you're looking for a signature scent for everyday wear or a special occasion, explore these vegan perfume selections that resonate with your beliefs and personal style.

Benefits of upgrading your fragrance collection with vegan perfumes

Choosing vegan perfumes not only aligns with your ethical principles but also comes with a host of benefits. These fragrances often feature natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. For instance, musk, traditionally sourced from animals, is now often synthesised in modern perfumery, ensuring ethical and sustainable practices while preserving the rich, alluring scent.

What's more, vegan perfumes are free from harsh chemicals and toxic additives, making them a healthier choice for both you and the environment. Ready to elevate your scent game? Dive into our top vegan picks and discover the perfect fragrance that resonates with your style and values

1. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP

Carolina Herrera's 212 VIP is an amber vanilla fragrance for women that’s perfect for a fun night out! This fragrance includes a unique blend of rum and passionfruit in the top notes, together with the middle notes of gardenia and musk to give the fragrance a lively vibe, while the sweet base of vanilla and tonka bean will leave a lasting impression wherever you go.

2. Jennifer Lopez One

Jennifer Lopez's One is your go-to choice for an everyday scent that transitions seamlessly from day to night. The freshness of pink pepper and freesia in the top notes will refresh your senses, while the warmth of sandalwood, suede and cedar in the middle and base notes add a sense of depth to the fragrance. Perfect for the woman who’s looking for a signature scent that is both sophisticated and easy to wear.

3. Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau De Toilette

Spice up your evenings with Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb. Crafted for confident gentlemen looking to make a statement, this bold combination of pink pepper and grapefruit in the top notes brings a refreshing vibe, while notes of cinnamon and saffron add a hint of spice to the fragrance. The rich base of tobacco and leather adds richness and masculinity, making you stand out from the crowd.

4. Chloé Rose Naturelle Intense

Chloé Rose Naturelle Intense for women includes a delicate blend of neroli and bergamot in the top notes to captivate the senses, while the essence of rose and oak tree in the middle notes adds an air of romance with a lingering base sandalwood and cedar base notes that bring a sense of warmth and richness to the fragrance. An ideal choice for a romantic date night.

5. Issey Miyake A Drop D'Issey Eau De Parfum

Make a statement on special occasions with Issey Miyake's A Drop D'Issey. Crafted for the modern gentleman, this fragrance is infused with a luxurious combination of almond milk and damask rose in the top notes, exuding a sense of refinement. Base notes of musk and vanilla add warmth and richness to the scent, while star anise, lavender and orange blossom provide a subtle spiciness and freshness.

6. Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir

Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir is crafted for the refined gentleman and is infused with top notes of cardamom, cypress, bergamot and mandarin orange to provide a fresh and inviting opening. Notes of iris, musk and suede in the middle add depth and complexity, while the base notes of tonka bean, sandalwood, vetiver, leather and atlas cedar give the fragrance a warm and comforting finish. A versatile fragrance that can be worn in both professional settings and social gatherings making it suitable for both daytime and evening wear.

7. D by Diesel

D by Diesel is a fragrance crafted for both women and men that’s perfect for evening wear or a fun night out with friends. Its invigorating blend of bergamot and ginger in the top notes creates a refreshing scent that's both uplifting and energising. Notes of lavender and cotton flower in the middle along with vanilla and amberwood in the base, add a sense of sweetness and richness to the fragrance, leaving behind a lasting impression wherever you go.

Browse our full collection today to find your signature scent! Choose from a wide collection of luxury, designer, classic and celebrity perfumes to find the perfect scent for any personality, mood and occasion.

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