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Embracing tradition with a modern flair: Tom Ford's Oud Wood

by Peacock Bazaar Team 13 Sep 2023
Tom Ford's Oud Wood


Have you heard about oud and its magical aroma? Do you want to experience this sought-after scent but with a modern flair? If so, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood is the perfect choice, as it captures traditional scent in a way that suits modern tastes while maintaining the cultural integrity of the fragrance.

What is oud?

Oud is a natural substance that mainly originates from Southeast Asia, though the scent of oud is completely the essence of the Middle East. Formed in the heartwood of Aquilaria trees, which, when infected by insects, creates agarwood, a resinous wood to slow down the infection and help the tree survive, a process that can go on for decades. This dark resin is aromatic and is where oud is sourced from. It is extracted either by distillation or by melting the resin. Oud is often referred to as the ‘wood of the gods’.

Today, sustainable plantations of oud have been established in a variety of countries, such as Cambodia, Malaysia, and Thailand, where the infection process is performed by hand. This is because it is illegal to harvest the resin in the wild due to overharvesting in the past.

The cultural significance of Oud

It is an olfactory journey into Middle Eastern traditions, heritage, and history. Oud perfumes are woven into the very fabric of Middle Eastern lives in a way no other fragrance does. The art of perfumery has always played an integral role, with perfumes being used for religious rituals, personal use, and to be given as gifts. In the Middle East, the fragrance of oud wood is considered a divine manifestation with the power to purify the body. It is also said to have therapeutic qualities.

Oud perfumes

The art of perfume making is still very much a treasured tradition in the Arab world, following the ancient techniques of steam-distilling natural ingredients to source their scents. Other ingredients used to create these long-lasting signature scents include frankincense, amber, musk, jasmine, rose, henna, and sandalwood oil. In the hands of a knowledgeable perfumer, the tiniest amount of oud lends intensity and resinous sweetness to a perfume.

Oud perfumes are sophisticated and a hallmark of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Arab world, as the exquisite fragrance has a timeless quality to it. When oud is included in a perfume, it is more than just a simple ingredient, it becomes an integral part of the story.

To wear oud perfume is to feel lavish, expensive, and sensual. As with most perfumes, oud reacts differently on individuals, and temperature plays a huge role as well. Experiment with a few varieties to find an oud scent that works for you.

Oud modern fragrances

Tom Ford Oud Wood is one of the best oud fragrances currently available. It is a secret blend of exotic fragrances that possess characteristics of Middle Eastern scents to make a powerful statement. Ideal for both men and women, this fragrance is described as ‘evoking the warmth of incense-filled temples’. It has a smoky, woody scent complimented by a blend of sandalwood, rosewood, sensual amber, and eastern spices, all combined with oud wood’s rich and compelling power. 

Oud has a long history as an ingredient in scents and is often used as the base note owing to its signature depth. It adds an earthy note that creates a sensual and woody atmosphere that is long-lasting. To fully experience the impact of oud perfumes, avoid layering them over other scents. It is an intensely deep fragrance, so a little goes a long way. Simply dab a little on pulse points, such as on the wrists, at the base of the neck, and behind the ears.

Oud perfumes for the modern consumer

To wear oud perfume is to instantly feel luxurious and noble, as the scent has long been associated with kings and nobility. This is why modern perfume producers still create perfumes around this scent of paradise. The fragrances of today have been blended with more contemporary scents to create complex aromas that provide a sense of exclusivity and individuality to the modern consumer.

Modern variations such as Tom Ford Oud Wood have beautifully balanced exotic ingredients that help the captivating aroma which is unique and long-lasting. From the initial hint of spices and vanilla that are warm and inviting to the lasting scent of exotic rosewood, pepper, and cardamon to the irresistibly lingering warmth of oud wood and amber, the perfume takes you on an exciting journey.

If you are looking for a signature scent that will be unmistakably your own and that will have everyone asking you what perfume you are wearing, then an oud-based perfume is the right choice. For a touch of the exotic but with a modern appeal, the perfumes of today capture the adventure of the Middle East with strength and confidence.

With its lingering aroma, it will last throughout the day as it slowly journeys through its top, middle, and base notes. A journey of the senses awaits you, so find an oud perfume that suits your taste and enjoy the experience.  

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