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The Best Celebrity Perfumes for Spring - Floral, Citrus and Woody Scents

by Peacock Bazaar Team 29 Apr 2024
The Best Celebrity Perfumes for Spring -  Floral, Citrus and Woody Scents

Ready to discover a curated collection of perfumes inspired by your favourite celebrities?

From delicate floral fragrances to cosy woody undertones and invigorating citrus notes, this spring collection captures the season's essence with a hint of celebrity charm. Elevate your allure with these perfumes designed for a red carpet-worthy experience.

Floral, Citrus and Woody Notes - Scents of the Season

Spring is all about new life and fresh starts, and certain scents, such as floral, citrus and woody notes, capture that spirit perfectly, which makes them top picks for perfumes during this time of the year.

Floral Scents

Floral notes are ideal for spring, as they are reminiscent of the flowers that bloom around us during this season, making the air smell fresh and sweet. Look for floral notes such as jasmine, rose or cherry blossom when selecting a fragrance to brighten up your day.

Citrus Scents

The invigorating aroma of citrus fruits perfectly complements the vibrant energy of spring. Fragrances infused with notes of bergamot, lemon, and orange awaken the senses, making them an excellent choice for infusing your day with a burst of refreshing energy and uplifting your mood. 

Woody Scents

Woody notes add depth and complexity to a fragrance, making them a versatile choice for any springtime occasion. Look for notes such as cedarwood or vetiver that can offer a subtle earthiness to the fragrance without making it too overpowering.

Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande - Floral

Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande has been an instant hit with fans since its launch in 2019. This delightful scent is a blend of floral, fruity and gourmand accords that embodies the essence of spring. Opening with a burst of raspberry and pear, it evolves into a heart of coconut and pink rose that settles into a comforting base of sweet macarons and musk to add a sense of depth to the fragrance. Ideal for women who appreciate a fragrance that is fun, playful and effortlessly chic!

Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez - Citrus

Inspired by the sun-kissed vibes of Miami, Jennifer Lopez's Miami Glow is a citrus fragrance crafted for the modern woman that exudes freshness, luxury and glamour. Its top notes of passionfruit, coconut milk, and pink grapefruit blend seamlessly with the floral heart of orange blossom, cyclamen, and heliotrope, together with the warm base notes of vanilla, musk, and amber.

Refined Woods by David Beckham - Woody

Embodying refinement and a sense of luxury, Refined Woods by David Beckham is a unisex fragrance that combines the richness of amber with the depth of woody accords. Perfect for the transition into spring, this fragrance opens with a captivating blend of warm amber notes, leading into a heart of woody notes that exude a strong sense of character. An ideal pick for both men and women seeking a timeless and refined fragrance for the season!

Check out our full collection to discover a range of fabulous fragrances from your favourite celebrities. We also bring you a wide selection of luxury perfumes, designer perfumes, Arabic perfumes and skin care essentials from the finest brands in the market. Browse the full collection today! 

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